Why Us?

Success is not a linear journey

There will inevitably be highs and lows growing a business. We have been through the peaks and valleys: from one extreme of starting, scaling, successful IPO, and acquisition to the other extreme of winding down an unsuccessful venture. 

The experience and knowledge gained in success and failure is priceless and we want to share those lessons with our portfolio companies.

How we can be helpful

Through our own experience and our shared experience with the companies we’ve worked with, we have developed an understanding of key challenges and decision points high growth companies will face. The business lessons we have learned allow us to help the entrepreneur anticipate and identify those challenges which require prompt resolution.   

We welcome the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and engage with entrepreneurs to produce meaningful outcomes, whether refining the product, go-to-market and financial strategies or capital raising strategies.  Strategies are rarely executed as planned. Conditions change impacting the best laid plans. We will be there to help develop effective solutions.