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"We are passionate about helping others, whether professionally through providing capital, support and shared experience or personally through volunteer efforts."


Reynolds & Company Venture Partners LLC is an investment firm focused on investing in and partnering with entrepreneurs empowering them to realize their vision while building a successful and profitable enterprise.


What We DO

We invest in high growth seed stage companies offering a product or service that enables convenience and or efficiency to the lives of their customers.



Our primary focus is on consumer facing products and services. In addition to those consumer facing businesses, we also invest in the service businesses that allow consumer brands to scale and grow efficiently, whether providing HR or logistics services to sales management and sales data and everything in between. 

We seek to invest in and work with founders who are borderline obsessed with solving a problem that matters to them, and ideally a great many other individuals. We prefer simple business models and categories that may be viewed as boring but are ripe for innovation. 


We invest in seed stage companies and seek out companies with the following characteristics:

  • Product(s) in market
  • Revenues of at least $500,000
  • Demonstrable sales data
  • Complimentary team in place
  • Raising capital between $300,000 and $2,000,000


We are highly selective investors. We will make between 1 and 3 investments a year. While we are not high volume, we have the ability to move quickly. Our diligence cycle, from the time of first meetings to investment, will be 1-2 months maximum. 

We are open to various investment structures including SAFE agreements, convertible notes and equity. We allocate additional capital for our portfolio companies and typically are active through the Series B round. 

We are not typically lead investors. We seek to invest along side other knowledgeable investors who together with us, can introduce a broader network to support the company

Why Us?

Success is not a linear journey

There will inevitably be highs and lows growing a business. We have been through the peaks and valleys: from one extreme of starting, scaling, successful IPO, and acquisition to the other extreme of winding down an unsuccessful venture. 

The experience and knowledge gained in success and failure is priceless and we want to share those lessons with our portfolio companies.

How we can be helpful

Through our own experience and our shared experience with the companies we’ve worked with, we have developed an understanding of key challenges and decision points high growth companies will face. The business lessons we have learned allow us to help the entrepreneur anticipate and identify those challenges which require prompt resolution.   

We welcome the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and engage with entrepreneurs to produce meaningful outcomes, whether refining the product, go-to-market and financial strategies or capital raising strategies.  Strategies are rarely executed as planned. Conditions change impacting the best laid plans. We will be there to help develop effective solutions.

Our Portfolio




We appreciate your interest in RCV Partners. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might work together to help your business grow.   


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